Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pedro and the Magic Storm

BAMM! Pedro blindly crashed into what it felt like a solid rock as he tried to escape Petrieva and her rain of stones. Pedro fell to the floor, and little Kuro came tumbling after. Little did he know that he was running the other direction! Few seconds later, Pedro slowly regained his vision, as did Kuro seconds after. “Sir! What are you doing?”

“..Ugh, I really need to cut down on those poison berries,” Pedro said rubbing his eyes in pain, “why did you have to cover my eyes?!”

“Can you open yours and tell me what you’re doing?!” Pedro opened his eyes widely to see that he was sitting on Petriva the mole rats face. The swirling eyes indicated she was knocked out cold in her pile of rocks.

“Eeeeee-ahh!” jumped Pedro petrified. Just then, the ground began to rumble louder and louder. In the distance Pedro made out a moving cloud of dust that appeared to be growing. It was Queen Hopra and her servants coming at full speed ahead. It was hard to believe they were traveling that fast, and left Pedro and Kuro wondering how? Kuro made out a donkey underneath Hopra through the thick fog of dust, and more donkeys started to appear as they drawn closer. There must have been at least a dozen donkeys on Hopra alone, Pedro thought with his mathematical mind.

“RUNN!” yelled Kuro jumping on Pedro’s back once again. Pedro began running without hesitant towards the shoreline where the bamboo ship was docked in the distance.

“Huff.. Where did .. Puff.. All these.. Huff.. WHERE’D SHE GET ALL THESE DONKEYS FROM?!” gasped Pedro.

“GO!!!” screamed Kuro with his head turned towards the side to see that they were closing in fast.

Voices in the distance drew louder, “Hurrrry captain!”

“Come on captain!”

“A little bit more Cap!” It was Pedro’s Black Spirit Crew. The bamboo ship was already on water ready to sail awaiting its captain and his trusted friend Kuro Kuro. Pedro plunged into the water, and little Kuro jumped off his back into the water thrusting Pedro towards the ship for an extra boost. The Crew threw a rope down to Pedro to grab and soon pulled him up with Kuro hanging on his leg..

Pedro smiled and turned towards Queen Hopra on the shoreline with her water scared donkeys. “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught..” PLUNCK!

* * * - - - - - - - - - - * * *

Pedro opened his eyes and was suddenly surrounded by a strange white mist. “Pedro…,” a faint voice called.

“Who’s there?” asked Pedro.

“Pedro…,” the faint voice called again.

“Who’s there?! Show yourself!” Pedro wandered around the white empty space trying to follow the voice.

“Pedroo…” the voice called again, but seemed to be coming from the opposite direction he heard it from.

“Okay I hear you! Now come out!” Pedro demanded.

“You need to get out,” said the mysterious voice that drew louder.
The voice seems so familiar, Pedro thought. “Yeah I don’t even know where I am, of course I need to get out, but how?”

“You’re headed for a dangerous place, you need to steer out of it!” the voice yelled. A white four legged figure suddenly appeared coming towards Pedro in the sheer thick mist, and in a split second a white paw smashed into Pedro’s face.

* * * - - - - - - - - - - * * *

Pedro jumped and opened his eyes staring at the bamboo ship’s floor. What just happened…? Was that … Hisoka? Pedro wondered, but soon went back crashing to the floor.

“Sir you’re awake!” Kuro Kuro said with happily jumping on Pedro.

“You should really stop jumping on me,” Pedro said in pain, “What happened Kuro?”

“You were left unconscious by one of Queen Hopra’s servants. One of them managed to land a rock on you. That’s some probability!”

“How embarrassing,” Pedro thought.

“Sir, we’re heading for the island that is rumored to contain the mystical treasure. I did some calculus and found the shortest route possible.”

“That’s right mate.” Jackson Hawk said coming towards the two. “Arr.. D’treasure of Leibniz island might’a been fake rubbish. See, d’ancient creators might’a done it to protect the darn thing. Savvy?”

“And you knew this.. and lead us there?!” Pedro said in rage, “you risked all of are lives!”

“ Mee life was risked too! Mee felt it was there!”

Pedro’s sight came clear and noticed that he was onboard the ship that was soaring through the waters. The crew was hard at work maintaining the sails, and Kuro went back on the steering wheel. The island became apparent in the distance.

* * * - - - - - - - - - - * * *

Dark clouds suddenly formed in the clear blue sky above the ship. Winds picked up from every direction, throwing the sails in confusion.

“Storms a comin! All men on deck!” one of the crewmen yelled.

“This ain’t no ordinary storm me tell ya,” Jackson Hawk said.

“We got to get out of here Pedro!” Kuro said.

“This is what he meant. This is what you were warning about…” Pedro said to himself.

“You startin to go crazy at this time Pedro? We need you to steer d’boat out’ta here ye savvy?”

Pedro ran to the wheel and steered harshly left attempting to turn the boat around. The storm spat few droplets of water, and in seconds began to pour buckets increasingly as time passes after the first thunder was heard. The sky grew black, and blinked with flashes of lightning. Everyone fought to survive the storm and took anything they could get their hands on to bail out the water from the ship.

[Still in the making]
Pedro’s mathematical genius went into overdrive and he was able to determine the rate at which the rain water was coming onto the boat and was given by the equation t3. The rate at which the crew bailed out water is 10 000 dm3 / minute, and steadily decreasing given by the equation ex because of fatigue. The bamboo boat can hold a maximum of 80 000 dm3 of water (or 80m3) before it sinks. Determine how much time they have before the boat sinks. And if lightning were to strike in --- minutes, will they make it out of the storm with the ship still in tact?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Pedro's Love Problem

Pedro’s peripheral vision seemed to have failed him. He no longer saw anything around him. The Pi-rate panda only saw the treasure that he was closing into. He was vaguely aware of the evil Queen Hopra that was trailing behind him. I wonder how this treasure will help me, Pedro thought, daydreaming about what he can do with this fortune. He can get married to a beautiful panda; of course, it’s difficult to find a panda mate. They’re endangered, after all. Maybe if there was enough, he could overthrow Hopra off the thrown. King Pedro…it does ring a bell. I could have a dozen donkeys pulling my dozen-donkey sleigh…and…BAD PEDRO! You’re supposed to be looking for your father! The panda started to beat himself on the head in rapid succession.

“Pedro, sir! LOOK!” Kuro interrupted Pedro’s self-scolding. He pointed towards Queen Hopra’s ship. One of her hideous beaver henchmen pointed a large canon towards the Black Spirit.
“What should we do Pedro, sir?!” Kuro was near hysterics.
“Let her blast it!” Pedro replied, in a somewhat uncaring tone.

As if on cue, the entire Black Spirit heard the sound of a cannonball launched from Hopra’s fancy, million-dollar mahogany ship.

“We goin’ ta die, mate!” Jackson Hawk screamed and ran up to Kuro and hugged to the little being.
“S-s-suf-suf-o-ca-tiing…!!” It was impossible for Kuro to escape Jackson’s iron grip.
“First me leg, then me hand, then me eye! NOW MY HEAD! I can’t replace me head!”

All but Pedro aboard the Black Spirit threw themselves on random parts of the ship and said sorry for all the bad things they have done.

“I think he gone mad!” Jackson exclaimed, still holding on to Kuro.

The Black Spirit crew anticipated for the cannonball to hit their ship. A few seconds later, they heard a plop sound. The cannonball wasn’t even close to their ship. It had landed into the ocean for the poor sharks and dolphins to find. Everyone was shocked, including Hopra’s crew.

“Lo Di Hi – Hi Di Lo! The cannonball took a dive and we’re all still alive!” The Black Spirit crew sang, busting out some of their dance moves.

Queen Hopra’s jaw dropped. She was obviously not impressed by the showmanship of her idiotic crewmen. She was so angry that she didn’t even wait for the beaver to walk the plank. Hopra threw him off the ship was her own hands. Pedro smiled and waved to the seething Queen, then turned to face his own crew.

“Full speed ahead to Leibniz Island!” Pedro was a strong leader despite his adorable panda cuteness. Everyone on the ship went to work straight away.
“How did you know that the Queen wouldn’t be able to shoot us?” Jackson questioned.
“Hopra failed Calculus and Physics when she went to Queen School. I knew she wouldn’t be able to catch us. Even if she could, she wouldn’t have known. Her crew obviously isn’t much help to her,” Pedro answered. “No more interruptions, I’ve got treasure on my mind.”
“Pedro, sir. Look over there,” Kuro tugged on the Pi-rate panda’s paw. He pointed his paw towards the island.

There was an eerie golden glow surrounding a box. It was the treasure box! The crew was ecstatic but then the latch was unlatched and it opened. The winds grew stronger and the Black Spirit was getting pulled into the box. Actually, everything that was within a 20-mile radius of the island was getting sucked into the vortex.

“What’s going on, Jackson?!” Pedro finally showed some panic across his face.
“Me not sure, mate! We getting’ sucked in!” The experienced pirate yelled over the gusts of wind.

Pedro no longer saw solid objects around him. All he saw were blurs of blue and his crew’s faces. Then he was falling. Him and the ship were plunging down towards…something.

“WHY GRAVITY?! WHYY?!” Pedro was definitely in hysterics right now.

The ship crashed into the earth, creating a large crater. Amazing enough, after the fall, Pedro was still in his right mind. Assume he was.

“The forecast for today is VERY HIGH!” Pedro heard a high-pitched female voice.

He looked around and saw a little human girl talking into a microphone and a camera recording her.

“This Valentine’s day will be full of love! For those cynical beings out there, watch out, or the love-panda will come and shoot you with the bamboo stick of LOOOVE! This is today’s Valentine’s report. Have a good one!”
“Valentine’s day? Today?” Pedro looked around him and sure enough, he saw pink and red everywhere. There were hearts on the windows of stores and love songs playing, his crew was dancing with pandas. “Crew dancing with pandas?!” His eyes didn’t fail him today, his crew was teaching the pandas (they're not so endangered after all) how to dance the Sine Dance.
“Sine, Sine, Cose, Bust-a-Move, Cose, Sine!” The Pi-rate panda was so surprised by the antics of his shipmates that he almost jumped when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and met the eyes of a female panda. She looked strangely familiar to him.

“Pedro, is that you?” She asked.

Who is this? Pedro thought to himself. I’ve met many creatures on my travels. But this she-panda…I remember! I met her about a month ago at the Panda dating service. There’s not many of us, we had to meet somehow! “Petriva, my dear! It is I, Pedro!” he said and stuck his paw out. It was ignored, however, since Petriva jumped on him, kissing him desperately.

“I was so sure that we wouldn’t meet again! But here you are! We can get married now!”
“Marriage? Who said…” Oh darn, I did it again, Pedro thought. Too many poison berry cocktail…again. Suddenly someone spread the two away from each other. It was the newscaster from moments before.
“Hey there lovebirds! Test your love by participating in the game show…LOVE OR NO LOVE! We have a marvelous prize, a Mitts-Cord-Donkey!”
“That’s the most expensive donkey around! Pedro, we must go!” Petriva begged, she really had a taste for expensive donkeys.
“I don’t know…”
“Come on, it’s Valentine’s day! Win your she-panda the donkey she deserves!” Little girl said enthusiastically. Pedro didn’t know what happened, but he was now blinded with the spotlight. He looked out into the audience. Not surprised, he saw his crew members in the front row with a “GO PEDRO, KISS THE GIRL” sign.

“Valentine’s day is the most important holiday on Riemann-Sum-where city. Just for today, we are going to find out if these two lovely couples really know each other.” Little girl said to the audience. “Pedro the Pi-rate Panda, what is Petriva the Panda of Pop’s favourite ice cream?”
“Uhh…pizza?” Obviously the question was wrong…in consequence, pie was thrown in his face.
"Queen Hopra of Hugswart, what is Benny the Beaver’s favourite food?” Hopra also crashed into Riemann-Sum-where city as she was in the vortex-sucking range. The beaver was also sucked in, just before a sea otter ate him.
“Beavers…” Again, wrong. A bucket of black ink was poured on the regal being’s head. This went on for about half an hour. The four creatures that answered the questions got them all wrong and were punished for it.
“Petriva, what is Pedro’s most prized possession?” Little girl asked, annoyed on how these couples were so incompatible.
“The necklace his father gave him,” Petriva replied.

Something clicked in Pedro’s head. I never told anyone that, he thought. This is not right.

“How did you know that, Petriva?” he asked her with suspicion in his voice.
The she-panda looked surprised. “You told me of course…”
“No, I didn’t tell anyone about it. You’re up to something. Who do you work for?”

The game show host was overjoyed by this revelation. The viewers love drama.

“She works for me,” Hopra said trying to look menacing for the ice cream cake on her head made it seem less scary.
“Hand it over, Pedro. There’s no escaping now.”
“It’s true, Pedro. That dating service was a hoax,” Petriva then took off her mask. She wasn’t a panda at all! She was a mole rat!!
“Pedro, sir! Over here!” Kuro and the Black Spirit crew were starting to leave the building. Pedro found a rope, conveniently hanging from the ceiling and made his way to his mates.
“RUN!” he said when he saw Hopra, the beaver, and Petriva, making their way towards them. When they made it outside, Pedro found a brand new ship to replace the old one.
“The panda dancers made it for us. Real bamboo!” Kuro said.
“What is that?” Pedro asked pointing to a piece of wood in Kuro’s tiny arm.
“It’s an iLog. If I press my ear against it, I can hear the Sine dance song and the Quotient law song!”
“Oh yeah, I forgot, we’re being chased by the Queen!” Pedro wasn’t too worried about being caught. Hopra was slow thanks to her weight-gain and her comrades weren’t marathon participants either. “Boy, I’m really tired from all of this…how much farther do we have to go? It looks like we’re still quite a ways away from the ship. I really wished we had that expensive donkey.”

Pedro then felt something hard hit his head. He turned around and saw Petriva, the MOLE RAT, throwing rocks at Kuro and himself. Darn! She didn't fail calculus did she, now Hopra has someone who can hit me with cannons...and rocks.

Kuro wasn't so thrilled about this discovery. He had a special dislike for rocks coming at him at great speeds. He jumped on Pedro's shoulders, petrified. "Go Pedro, sir! GO!!!"
More and more rocks were coming at them. Petriva had a good arm. Pedro started to run but Kuro's paws were blocking his vision, so his straight path towards the ship was no longer... straight.
To Be Continued…

Problem: Queen Hopra chases Pedro and Kuro for five seconds. The two pandas' velocity is given by 3t^tcos(t) metres per second. What is he total distance the pandas travelled after five seconds? Did they get to the ship safely?


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pedro the Pi-Rate Panda and The Black Spirit.

The waves plundered, the skies thundered and the ship floundered like a fish out of water. These men have been tried through great storms, but never as much as this storm was. Pedro sat in his cabin as the men struggled to stay on board trying to keep the sails up, and the ship from sinking. They would hate their captain for this.
Pedro, also known as the black marked pirate, became captain of The Black Spirit two years before. The men believed Pedro brought on a curse of bad luck. The Black spot is a curse to pirates, and Pedro was covered in black spots. Kuro kuro told them he was covered in white spots. Kuro never had bad thoughts towards Pedro. Even with Pedro being the overbearing pirate that he was, Kuro kuro seemed to be the only one who understood him.

The following morning, the sun peeked through the white clouds. The sky turned blue. The air smelled of the salty sea. Pedro came out of his cabin to sound the bell to wake the men, who’ve only been sleeping for two hours since the storm. Pedro was the only person who knew where they were heading. He has never trusted anyone since that terrible day on Hugwarts Island three years before. He blamed himself for his mother’s disappearance and Hisoka’s death.
Pedro was searching for the mystical treasure that has been taking him far out to many seas in the past thirteen years. Pedro was just a little panda when his father left. His father told him of the adventures of people in search of the treasure and mysteries lost out at sea. When his father left, parts of the stories left with him. Pedro remembered hearing his name once at the docks along the island. When he asked the men just laughed and pushed him away.

The Black Spirit pulled into Chainrule Island. “Arr, me hearty, ya’ll be gettin off this ship and gettin the supplies fur tomorrow” Pedro yelled. The men thought they were there for supplies, Pedro had other intentions. He was looking for a man. A man who dominated his father’s stories and Pedro’s childhood dreams.
Pedro and Kuro Kuro walked into the pub. It reeked of rum and drunken pirates. He went to the bartender and said “I’m lookin for a man”
“This boy here is lookin for a man!” The men laughed, irritating Pedro.

“ I’m looking for Jackson Hawk” asked Pedro

“What ye be wantin’ with ol’ Jack?” the bartender questioned

“ He has something of interest” Kuro said, before Pedro could answer

“JACK! This panda here be lookin’ for ya”

A man at the back of the room walked out. The drunken men became silent. The only person in the room anticipating his arrival was Pedro. He was finally going to meet the famous Jackson Hawk. Jackson appearance was just as he imagined when he was young. Jackson with his long hair, beaded beard, ungraceful saunter caused by his pegged leg, and his famous hook for a hand. Kuro, being the gentle person he was, seemed frightened.
“Are you Jackson Hawk?” said Pedro. Breaking the silence.

“Who be askin’?” answered Jackson.

“My name’s Pedro the Pi-rate Panda”

“And who sent you here?” said Jackson with a striking interest in Pedro.

“No one. I’ve been looking for you. You have something of interest to me.” said Pedro

“Aaahhee. I think me know what ye been lookin for, but what’s in it for me?” said
Jackson being the greedy pirate he was.

“Well you know what you have and what it leads to. I have a something you need in order to get what your map leads to” said Pedro, looking at a confused Kuro.

“And how do you know that I’d be needin this thing you say you have?” said Jackson, while drinking rum

“Because I have it and I also knows what it leads to” replied Pedro in an arrogant tone.

“How did ye happen to come across this piece and my name?” Jackson asked.

“My father told me of you and your stories”

“Arr, Yes ye father be knowin all about that”

“You knew my father?!” Pedro said in surprise.

“Yes I knew the man. A good man, yer father.... Well I guess we should be goin now?” Jackson got up from his chair, taking his rum.

“Goin where Jackson? Pedro said still sitting in his seat.

“We’ll be gettin on our way to find where my map and your necklace be leadin”

“And how do I know for sure you have it.” Pedro stood up following Jackson.

“Because I have it” Jackson says sarcastically mimicking Pedro’s voice,

“Show me!” Pedro said, stopping Jackson in surprise.

“You don’t want to be doing that young one. I told you I’ve got it then I got it! Savvy?”
Pedro put down his sword.

“ Very well then, lets go, come Kuro. We’ll set sail first thing in the morning” Pedro and kuro leave the pub behind Jackson.

Kuro whispered in Pedro’s ear “You’re actually trusting this man? You don’t trust anybody!”
“Who said I trust him?” answered Pedro in a contradicting voice, worrying Kuro.

The next morning...
“ALL RIGHT MEN! GET UP! Set sail, get moving!”

“Captain? Kuro Kuro is not to be found aboard the ship” said one of the buccaneers.

“Well then where is he?” asked Pedro

“We don’t know, the men, they not be seein him since last night wit you cappin’?”
Jackson came out of no where “ Oh well, I guess we be leaving him then... It’s time now Pedro, set sail!”

“Did you have somethin to do with this?” asked Pedro moving towards Jackson.

“Nothing, nothing of the sort. He’s probably chasing rats down below.” Jackson replied.

“EVERYONE. We’ll not be leavin’ until we find Kuro!”
One-eyed Sam came out from below deck with Kuro Kuro shaking trying to escape from a potato sack.

“All right men, lets get moving. SET SAIL”

“Pedro! Ol’ Jackson here is a SPY!” Yelled Kuro Kuro. “I saw him talking to one of the Queen’s men late last night!”

“Arr, that aint the truth! That nosy lil weasel saw me talking to some person I’ve never seen before! I simply told him directions. When I saw him, he freaked so I simply put him in a potato sack. No harm done, see.”

“LIAR!” yelled Kuro, grabbing a sword.

“Shush! You lil rat! It’s the truth. Swear on my heart matey. I’ve ne’er e’en knew we have a queen” said Jackson trying to defend himself.

“Alright Jackson. I’m allowing you to come, but if I come across something that questions my trust it’s the plank for you!” Said Pedro, while hesitating thoughts ran through his head.

“Yes Pedro. The plank. It’s not the first time I’ve done that. Bloody traitors!”

“That’s very reassuring Jackson” Kuro said

The Black Spirit left Lilly Island. Not thinking of what or who followed them

Three days later, they still didn’t come anywhere close to where they were heading. The crew didn’t care because they never knew where they were heading anyway, they only listened to Pedro’s directions. Only this time Pedro would join them in taking directions. The crew sang as they worked.
“Lo Di Hi - Hi Di Lo . We’re gonna find us some treasure and take it all home”

“Where are we Jackson!? You should have let me read the bloody map!” said Pedro.

“I know where we are mate! Just trust me- you probably wouldn’t even be here without me!”

“I’m sure and certainly wouldn’t be lost” said Pedro.

“And how do you know we’re lost? Can you read this map!” he said throwing the map in Pedro’s face. Pedro read it trying to decipher it.

“Didn’t think so mate” Jackson said, again irritating Pedro. “Well at the rate we’re going we’re never gonna get there any faster. Queen Hopra is following us. Their ship is much faster than ours!”

“Don’t worry I sent them to an island directly east from the island with the treasure. We be headin’ straight for it down south!” Jackson said reassuring Pedro.

Kuro came up deck with a curious untrusting look on his face. He noted Jackson’s pegged leg, eye patch and hooked hand. Kuro asks “How did you get you pegged leg?”
Jackson replies “ There was a storm and I was swept overboard into a pool of sharks. Before they pulled me in one of’em bit me leg off.”
Kuro asks “ Well then how did you get your hook?”
“I was caught stealing from a merchant. Them officers arrested me and chopped off me hand!”
“And how did you lose your eye?”
“ A seagull dropping fell into my eye!”
“You lost your eye to a seagull dropping!” said Pedro amazed.
“Ayy, yes it was my first day with a hook for a hand...”

Two days later, Jackson said they were near the island of Leibniz. “We should be gettin there in a few hours.” Jackson told Pedro. Pedro was relieved to find that he could actually trust Jackson. However, Kuro still didn’t trust him.
About an hour later, the island is in sight. Pedro’s ship must’ve only been going 1.38 m/s, while the Queen's ship was going faster at 2.22 m/s. It was a race to the treasure that both the Queen and Pedro desired.

To be continued...

When The Black Spirit is 10 kilometers directly north of Island. Queen Hopra’s ship is 15 kilometers away from the island. At this point the ships are within cannon range of each other. What is the distance and rate of change of the distance between the ships at that point?

Monday, November 27, 2006

Pedro the Pi Rate Panda, Part 1

First off, if there are any problems with the characters’ names (copyright laws, you don’t like them, etc.), please let me know. They’re (sorta) negotiable =). I gave a name to Pedro’s little friend, and if you don’t like it, again, please let me know. I named him “Kuro Kuro, the Math Genius”! The name’s after… guess who?? I just wanna say that this is a bit lengthy, and I apologise for that. It’s because this is the first part of the story, so I have to introduce the characters and get the plot going.

For those who visited the blog the first time, this is one of Mr. Kuropatwa’s AP Calculus class’s projects. We are supposed to publish a story about Pedro the Pi-Rate Panda, whose name we agreed on during a class discussion. Pedro will go through the adventure of his life, and along the way are calculus problems that need to be solved. Each week, one of the students will continue Pedro’s adventure, from the “part” written prior by another student. All of us must also post the solutions for our problems, which will be posted in another blog. The link should be at the side.
With this project, we are aiming to have fun, be creative, and at the same time cover calculus concepts that we’ve learned throughout the year! So please regularly visit here, and join us as we carve the life of Pedro the Pi-Rate Panda =).

It was one of those days when the sun’s rays seemed perfect. Birds were chirping, the trees mildly swaying, and the grass beneath looked greener than it had ever been. It stretched miles and miles, broken here and there by bunched up flowers of all kinds. Thousands of colours before the eyes, and in normal days it would look chaotic. But this was a different day.
It didn't change, Pedro said to himself.
He left the Hugwarts Islands 10 years ago. Pedro tried to convince himself that he'd go search for his father, who left when he was still little and cute. In truth, Pedro wasn’t even half-concerned about his father. He wanted to change his purposeless and mundane life, to one full of excitement. And so Pedro left. After all, he was a teenager, and every living creature, save a few, had thoughts like his. An ordinary being would not act on his thoughts, but Pedro was not like that at all. He was one of those few who knew for a fact that thoughts, valuable as they are, aren't worth much unless coupled with action. This time, however, the rolling green meadows with flowers and tress, the butterflies and bees were calling him. He didn’t know why, but it almost felt like something was dragging him. Daydreaming about the sight before him, Pedro suddenly tripped and fell on his face.

He stayed there, face down, for a few seconds, when he heard someone giggle not far off. The noise stopped abruptly. Whoever it was has been following Pedro for a while, and the panda knew of it. He decided not to confront the follower just yet.

As he stood, Pedro saw someone coming. The melodic chirping of birds, swaying trees, flowing water, were ignored. Heart pounding. Dub dub. Dub dub. Pedro knew who it was. Hisoka. He was one of only about ten white tigers left in the world, adored and respected by everyone despite his age. Every creature knows of someone who, for some unknown reason, seemed to be a magnet to others.
Pedro didn’t know what to do. He was arguing whether to hide from his childhood friend, or face him. Sure, they were best friends, born on the exact day, growing up together, eating on the same dishes, but Pedro left without notice. He thought of the short note he left. It read, “I will be gone for some time. I’m looking for dad.”
That was stupid. Pedro thought, pounding his head with enormous paws. STUPID!
Half an hour after he left his house, Pedro heard the most terrifying cry in his life. The roaring was as loud and as harsh as a tiger can make it. It sounded of glass breaking right beside the ears, magnified by a hundred, longer by a hundred. Pedro knew it was from Hisoka, and it seemed to say, “and I thought we were friends…” Most would find that cry too dramatic, but what could be expected of Hisoka? Not a day passed when the panda-tiger duo didn't spend time with each other. Not a day passed when Pedro didn't poke fun on Fishy, the cute little turtle, for his one shorter leg thing; not a day passed when he missed the opportunity to prank big-old-CowCow the cheesemaker, while Hisoka stayed behind to take the blame and fix the mess.

The majestic figure of the white tiger appeared closer and closer to Pedro. Then it stopped. About fifty metres away from Pedro, Hisoka stared, dumbfounded. He stood with confidence, but that confidence, it seemed, was shaken.
“So you’re back,” Hisoka said.
“I… I’m sorry,” answered Pedro, looking down.
Hisoka started to walk towards Pedro, gliding on green grass with a King's grace, until the two were face to face.
“Pedro,” the white tiger said, “why are you here?”
“I didn’t know better, Hisoka.. I really didn’t… I’m sorry… don’t make me cry…” All of a sudden, Pedro was hit on the head with massive paws, falling flat on his face.
“What the heck was that for?!?” then Pedro, once again, was beaten down to the grass that before he loved and now hated.
“I’ll make you regret the second your father laid eyes on your mother!” said Hisoka. “You should not have left your house you dimwitted dodo head!” All that was regal about the tiger was gone. “You left your mother, Mrs Regina Orangina Lupin III, alone!” The beatings kept coming. Hisoka rambled on, anger replacing the faint joy that was in his eyes when he first saw Pedro. “You left ME alone you…” Anger turned to longing, like that of a brother to a brother. He started sobbing. The assault stopped. A pause went on for seemingly forever, when Hisoka said, “I missed you Pedro, that’s all…” Hisoka's little speech was interrupted when, out of nowhere, tiny hands grabbed his tail and he was spun around like a ball of yarn. It was the follower.
No one could have believed such a small thing could even lift an apple, but there the creature was, acting like a cowboy with his ropes. It threw Hisoka into the air, far away, nearly out of sight. Thud. Hisoka fell. Pedro got up, in shock, and even more so when he saw how far Hisoka had gotten.
“HI!” said the creature. “My name’s Kuro Kuro, and I want to be your…”
“What did you just do?! Oh man… Hisoka… I’ll be there don’t worry…”
And with that, Pedro ran towards where his friend landed.
“…friend…” Kuro Kuro continued, nearly without spirit as a deer’s carcass.

Pedro ran after Hisoka. When he caught up, he reached for the tiger and helped him up. Blasted… thing.
“What was that, Pedro?” asked the tiger, all hostility towards the panda now gone.
“I have no idea. MY GOSH I’m so mad!”
“No matter, Pedro. We have more pressing things to worry about.” The look of wisdom was back. There were those who tried to be wise, and those who just were, and one can never be taken for the other. Hisoka was a prime example of the latter.
“Is there anything wrong, Hisoka?” Frowns formed on Pedro’s face.
“Well, about an hour ago, five large humans, dressed in fancy suits, came to your house. They were asking for you, and Mrs. Regina Orangina Lupin III said she did not know of anyone named Pedro.” Pedro’s frown deepened. He was concerned about those uninvited guests, but was more troubled by what his mother apparently said.
“In any case,” Hisoka continued, “you should leave. They brought a declaration from Queen Hopra Winfrey, the Mistress of All The Hugwarts Islands, demanding anyone who knows anything about you to report to her guards. She wants you, Pedro, and what Hopra wants, Hopra gets.” Hisoka’s tone was almost too cold; too matter of fact.
“What could I possibly have that the Queen would want? I have nothing, Hisoka, none.” Pedro was almost pleading. Other than his escapade, he had done nothing that could even slightly interest Queen Hopra.

Queen Hopra was popular among her subjects. Besides her significant weight loss, she had done many things worth noting. Queen Hopra, whose ancient title included being the Mistress of All The Hugwarts Islands, led her kingdom to prosperity. "The forgotten wart-plagued-hogs place," as it was branded before, was transformed into the center of commerce and culture of the world. The Hugwarts Islands was the place to be, the source of popular culture and dictator of what went on in the global theatre. Among so many that Queen Hopra raised from poverty to fame was Tom Hortons. Mr. Hortons was just a regular neurosurgeon, earning three eggs a day, when he was discovered by the Mistress of All the Hugwarts Islands. He would become known as the founder of McStarrybucks, a global fastfood chain/tv station. Hopra was also known for giving away lots of expensive donkeys, the most common transportation in the land. In one of her parades, Queen Hopra was known for giving away a thousand donkeys, pointing at someone randomly and saying, “you get a donkey, you get a donkey, you get a donkey!” Surely enough, those people got donkeys. But that was the peak of her glory. She soon started to gain weight again, and became grumpy. She reinstated slavery, and not long after that, the Queen personally wrote particularly cruel declarations. Soon, Hopra was either extremely loved for what she had been able to do for the Hugwarts Islands, or extremely hated for what she had become.
“I don’t know what they want, Pedro, but as soon as those humans left, I went to search for you, and there we met at…” Hisoka’s voice drifted in Pedro’s head. None else seemed more pressing than that a grumpy queen, Cruella Devil incarnate, was hunting for him. He cut his friend off, “Hisoka, we must go to my house. I need to know what’s going on. Well, and say hi to my mom too.”

As they reached the house, an old panda opened the door, who appeared to be in horror, gasping, sunken eyes staring straight ahead at Pedro. Mrs. Regina Orangina Lupin III was, at most half of what she was, before Pedro left ten years ago. Tears started to well in her eyes, when she was grabbed by her son and was hugged with enormous arms.
“Forgive me, mummy Mrs. Regina Orangina Lupin III.” Pedro’s voice was as steady as a rock. My gosh, she’s thin. “I’m happy you’re alright,” Pedro continued, almost mechanically.
“Well,” Mrs. Regina Orangina Lupin III began, with the grace of a princess that she’s always had. “I must cut our reunion short. You have to leave this town, this country even, NOW!”
“But mum..”, Pedro was taken aback by the sudden outburst of emotion.
“I said now!” Her eyes were even better at giving commands than her words. “I know there are people watching this house at this very moment. Those five that visited this afternoon are still here. I know this, Pedro, trust me. LEAVE! NOW!”
“Pedro, that necklace your father gave you….” when all of a sudden, the front doors were kicked open, splitting into countless shards.
“PEDRO, RUN!” Hisoka said. “I’ll stay here with Mrs. Regina Orangina Lupin III.”
Hisoka shot Pedro a look that made the panda stop. “I was your friend since birth, and even when you left me, we were still friends…”, the eyes seemed to say. “I would gladly face these monsters for you.” All of these were in Hisoka’s eyes. It started to rain.

Pedro ran outside, through the back doors. He ran and ran, trying to go faster. He came within sight of the donkey he used when he went home. Pedro ran even faster, rain on his face, until he reached the donkey. As he hopped on it, he suddenly realized that he forgot his McStarrybucks coupons, so he galloped towards the house. Pandas' cravings for McStarrybucks Whopping Good Frapuccino had to be quenched. About three kilometres away from the house, Pedro stopped. The whole town was on fire. The rain did little to stop the blaze. Pedro was in shock. I’ll make them pay. Patience, Pedro. You must wait. He was scared, but he also well knew there was nothing he could have done. The Queen wants something, and she’s willing to use violence to get it from me. That forces me to believe she should not have it. The necklace dangled from Pedro’s neck, shining despite the rain. He finally decided to push the donkey hard away from the town. Pedro’s stamina was tested. He felt as tired running, as trying to stay on the donkey. He fed his tiring body with anger and determination, and the combination of the two made him keep going. The donkey kept galloping until Pedro felt he was safe. He sighed. My gosh, gladly it's now done.. BOOM!
The donkey stepped on a mine and exploded. Pedro, luckily, survived the blast. From a distance, he can see a battalion of soldiers coming towards him. Leading them was a man on horseback, wearing full knights’ armor, with a helmet that had five coloured feathers sticking out. He was holding something out that Pedro couldn’t quite make out. As they got closer, it seemed clearer. Pedro shivered. He could not believe what he was seeing. The officer was holding out Hisoka’s bodiless head. “Give up, commoner! If you don’t want to be like your friend!”
Pedro just stood where he was, staring. He wore a blank expression. Neither grief, nor anger was on his face, but pure unknowing. It was as if he was just born at that instant, clueless about everything and anything he saw, or heard, or felt. The soldiers came nearer.
Something touched Pedro’s paws. It held Pedro tighter, and all of a sudden, he and the creature were on air, flying, getting away from the soldiers. I will not leave you alone, Kuro Kuro thought. .

Pedro sat on a rock beside a river. They were far away from the soldiers now, even far away from Hugwarts Islands. Tears flowed from Pedro’s eyes. He was completely serene, nothing but the swaying of the trees behind them and the river flowing in front could be heard. He was just staring on a lone red rose on the other side of the river, expressionless, but for the flood of tears from his eyes. He’s been like this for two hours, Kuro Kuro thought.
Seemingly out of nowhere, Pedro said, “Thank you…”
“Kuro Kuro’s the name”
“Thanks, Kuro Kuro.”
Pedro wore a different expression now. Not grief, not anger, but acceptance. His speech was so cold, and so contradictory to how he looked.
“I will have my revenge.”
Clear and simple. Pedro was alone, save the little creature sitting beside him. He was not going to ask for help. It was his dilemma, and he had to solve it. His course was set. The wheels of vengeance have started to turn. The road to retribution began for he who would become known as Pedro the Pi-Rate Panda.



This problem pertains to "Pedro's Escape", as seen in The Revelations chapter of the story, beginning as soon as Pedro leaves the house, and ending when the donkey dies. Given below are six graphs, labeled A-F. Identify Pedro's position-time graph, velocity-time graph, and acceleration-time graph. Justify your answers.

Notes: Assume that pandas and donkeys have tremendous endurance. Their velocities are comparable with each other.