Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pedro and the Magic Storm

BAMM! Pedro blindly crashed into what it felt like a solid rock as he tried to escape Petrieva and her rain of stones. Pedro fell to the floor, and little Kuro came tumbling after. Little did he know that he was running the other direction! Few seconds later, Pedro slowly regained his vision, as did Kuro seconds after. “Sir! What are you doing?”

“..Ugh, I really need to cut down on those poison berries,” Pedro said rubbing his eyes in pain, “why did you have to cover my eyes?!”

“Can you open yours and tell me what you’re doing?!” Pedro opened his eyes widely to see that he was sitting on Petriva the mole rats face. The swirling eyes indicated she was knocked out cold in her pile of rocks.

“Eeeeee-ahh!” jumped Pedro petrified. Just then, the ground began to rumble louder and louder. In the distance Pedro made out a moving cloud of dust that appeared to be growing. It was Queen Hopra and her servants coming at full speed ahead. It was hard to believe they were traveling that fast, and left Pedro and Kuro wondering how? Kuro made out a donkey underneath Hopra through the thick fog of dust, and more donkeys started to appear as they drawn closer. There must have been at least a dozen donkeys on Hopra alone, Pedro thought with his mathematical mind.

“RUNN!” yelled Kuro jumping on Pedro’s back once again. Pedro began running without hesitant towards the shoreline where the bamboo ship was docked in the distance.

“Huff.. Where did .. Puff.. All these.. Huff.. WHERE’D SHE GET ALL THESE DONKEYS FROM?!” gasped Pedro.

“GO!!!” screamed Kuro with his head turned towards the side to see that they were closing in fast.

Voices in the distance drew louder, “Hurrrry captain!”

“Come on captain!”

“A little bit more Cap!” It was Pedro’s Black Spirit Crew. The bamboo ship was already on water ready to sail awaiting its captain and his trusted friend Kuro Kuro. Pedro plunged into the water, and little Kuro jumped off his back into the water thrusting Pedro towards the ship for an extra boost. The Crew threw a rope down to Pedro to grab and soon pulled him up with Kuro hanging on his leg..

Pedro smiled and turned towards Queen Hopra on the shoreline with her water scared donkeys. “This is the day you will always remember as the day you almost caught..” PLUNCK!

* * * - - - - - - - - - - * * *

Pedro opened his eyes and was suddenly surrounded by a strange white mist. “Pedro…,” a faint voice called.

“Who’s there?” asked Pedro.

“Pedro…,” the faint voice called again.

“Who’s there?! Show yourself!” Pedro wandered around the white empty space trying to follow the voice.

“Pedroo…” the voice called again, but seemed to be coming from the opposite direction he heard it from.

“Okay I hear you! Now come out!” Pedro demanded.

“You need to get out,” said the mysterious voice that drew louder.
The voice seems so familiar, Pedro thought. “Yeah I don’t even know where I am, of course I need to get out, but how?”

“You’re headed for a dangerous place, you need to steer out of it!” the voice yelled. A white four legged figure suddenly appeared coming towards Pedro in the sheer thick mist, and in a split second a white paw smashed into Pedro’s face.

* * * - - - - - - - - - - * * *

Pedro jumped and opened his eyes staring at the bamboo ship’s floor. What just happened…? Was that … Hisoka? Pedro wondered, but soon went back crashing to the floor.

“Sir you’re awake!” Kuro Kuro said with happily jumping on Pedro.

“You should really stop jumping on me,” Pedro said in pain, “What happened Kuro?”

“You were left unconscious by one of Queen Hopra’s servants. One of them managed to land a rock on you. That’s some probability!”

“How embarrassing,” Pedro thought.

“Sir, we’re heading for the island that is rumored to contain the mystical treasure. I did some calculus and found the shortest route possible.”

“That’s right mate.” Jackson Hawk said coming towards the two. “Arr.. D’treasure of Leibniz island might’a been fake rubbish. See, d’ancient creators might’a done it to protect the darn thing. Savvy?”

“And you knew this.. and lead us there?!” Pedro said in rage, “you risked all of are lives!”

“ Mee life was risked too! Mee felt it was there!”

Pedro’s sight came clear and noticed that he was onboard the ship that was soaring through the waters. The crew was hard at work maintaining the sails, and Kuro went back on the steering wheel. The island became apparent in the distance.

* * * - - - - - - - - - - * * *

Dark clouds suddenly formed in the clear blue sky above the ship. Winds picked up from every direction, throwing the sails in confusion.

“Storms a comin! All men on deck!” one of the crewmen yelled.

“This ain’t no ordinary storm me tell ya,” Jackson Hawk said.

“We got to get out of here Pedro!” Kuro said.

“This is what he meant. This is what you were warning about…” Pedro said to himself.

“You startin to go crazy at this time Pedro? We need you to steer d’boat out’ta here ye savvy?”

Pedro ran to the wheel and steered harshly left attempting to turn the boat around. The storm spat few droplets of water, and in seconds began to pour buckets increasingly as time passes after the first thunder was heard. The sky grew black, and blinked with flashes of lightning. Everyone fought to survive the storm and took anything they could get their hands on to bail out the water from the ship.

[Still in the making]
Pedro’s mathematical genius went into overdrive and he was able to determine the rate at which the rain water was coming onto the boat and was given by the equation t3. The rate at which the crew bailed out water is 10 000 dm3 / minute, and steadily decreasing given by the equation ex because of fatigue. The bamboo boat can hold a maximum of 80 000 dm3 of water (or 80m3) before it sinks. Determine how much time they have before the boat sinks. And if lightning were to strike in --- minutes, will they make it out of the storm with the ship still in tact?

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