Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pedro the Pi-Rate Panda and The Black Spirit.

The waves plundered, the skies thundered and the ship floundered like a fish out of water. These men have been tried through great storms, but never as much as this storm was. Pedro sat in his cabin as the men struggled to stay on board trying to keep the sails up, and the ship from sinking. They would hate their captain for this.
Pedro, also known as the black marked pirate, became captain of The Black Spirit two years before. The men believed Pedro brought on a curse of bad luck. The Black spot is a curse to pirates, and Pedro was covered in black spots. Kuro kuro told them he was covered in white spots. Kuro never had bad thoughts towards Pedro. Even with Pedro being the overbearing pirate that he was, Kuro kuro seemed to be the only one who understood him.

The following morning, the sun peeked through the white clouds. The sky turned blue. The air smelled of the salty sea. Pedro came out of his cabin to sound the bell to wake the men, who’ve only been sleeping for two hours since the storm. Pedro was the only person who knew where they were heading. He has never trusted anyone since that terrible day on Hugwarts Island three years before. He blamed himself for his mother’s disappearance and Hisoka’s death.
Pedro was searching for the mystical treasure that has been taking him far out to many seas in the past thirteen years. Pedro was just a little panda when his father left. His father told him of the adventures of people in search of the treasure and mysteries lost out at sea. When his father left, parts of the stories left with him. Pedro remembered hearing his name once at the docks along the island. When he asked the men just laughed and pushed him away.

The Black Spirit pulled into Chainrule Island. “Arr, me hearty, ya’ll be gettin off this ship and gettin the supplies fur tomorrow” Pedro yelled. The men thought they were there for supplies, Pedro had other intentions. He was looking for a man. A man who dominated his father’s stories and Pedro’s childhood dreams.
Pedro and Kuro Kuro walked into the pub. It reeked of rum and drunken pirates. He went to the bartender and said “I’m lookin for a man”
“This boy here is lookin for a man!” The men laughed, irritating Pedro.

“ I’m looking for Jackson Hawk” asked Pedro

“What ye be wantin’ with ol’ Jack?” the bartender questioned

“ He has something of interest” Kuro said, before Pedro could answer

“JACK! This panda here be lookin’ for ya”

A man at the back of the room walked out. The drunken men became silent. The only person in the room anticipating his arrival was Pedro. He was finally going to meet the famous Jackson Hawk. Jackson appearance was just as he imagined when he was young. Jackson with his long hair, beaded beard, ungraceful saunter caused by his pegged leg, and his famous hook for a hand. Kuro, being the gentle person he was, seemed frightened.
“Are you Jackson Hawk?” said Pedro. Breaking the silence.

“Who be askin’?” answered Jackson.

“My name’s Pedro the Pi-rate Panda”

“And who sent you here?” said Jackson with a striking interest in Pedro.

“No one. I’ve been looking for you. You have something of interest to me.” said Pedro

“Aaahhee. I think me know what ye been lookin for, but what’s in it for me?” said
Jackson being the greedy pirate he was.

“Well you know what you have and what it leads to. I have a something you need in order to get what your map leads to” said Pedro, looking at a confused Kuro.

“And how do you know that I’d be needin this thing you say you have?” said Jackson, while drinking rum

“Because I have it and I also knows what it leads to” replied Pedro in an arrogant tone.

“How did ye happen to come across this piece and my name?” Jackson asked.

“My father told me of you and your stories”

“Arr, Yes ye father be knowin all about that”

“You knew my father?!” Pedro said in surprise.

“Yes I knew the man. A good man, yer father.... Well I guess we should be goin now?” Jackson got up from his chair, taking his rum.

“Goin where Jackson? Pedro said still sitting in his seat.

“We’ll be gettin on our way to find where my map and your necklace be leadin”

“And how do I know for sure you have it.” Pedro stood up following Jackson.

“Because I have it” Jackson says sarcastically mimicking Pedro’s voice,

“Show me!” Pedro said, stopping Jackson in surprise.

“You don’t want to be doing that young one. I told you I’ve got it then I got it! Savvy?”
Pedro put down his sword.

“ Very well then, lets go, come Kuro. We’ll set sail first thing in the morning” Pedro and kuro leave the pub behind Jackson.

Kuro whispered in Pedro’s ear “You’re actually trusting this man? You don’t trust anybody!”
“Who said I trust him?” answered Pedro in a contradicting voice, worrying Kuro.

The next morning...
“ALL RIGHT MEN! GET UP! Set sail, get moving!”

“Captain? Kuro Kuro is not to be found aboard the ship” said one of the buccaneers.

“Well then where is he?” asked Pedro

“We don’t know, the men, they not be seein him since last night wit you cappin’?”
Jackson came out of no where “ Oh well, I guess we be leaving him then... It’s time now Pedro, set sail!”

“Did you have somethin to do with this?” asked Pedro moving towards Jackson.

“Nothing, nothing of the sort. He’s probably chasing rats down below.” Jackson replied.

“EVERYONE. We’ll not be leavin’ until we find Kuro!”
One-eyed Sam came out from below deck with Kuro Kuro shaking trying to escape from a potato sack.

“All right men, lets get moving. SET SAIL”

“Pedro! Ol’ Jackson here is a SPY!” Yelled Kuro Kuro. “I saw him talking to one of the Queen’s men late last night!”

“Arr, that aint the truth! That nosy lil weasel saw me talking to some person I’ve never seen before! I simply told him directions. When I saw him, he freaked so I simply put him in a potato sack. No harm done, see.”

“LIAR!” yelled Kuro, grabbing a sword.

“Shush! You lil rat! It’s the truth. Swear on my heart matey. I’ve ne’er e’en knew we have a queen” said Jackson trying to defend himself.

“Alright Jackson. I’m allowing you to come, but if I come across something that questions my trust it’s the plank for you!” Said Pedro, while hesitating thoughts ran through his head.

“Yes Pedro. The plank. It’s not the first time I’ve done that. Bloody traitors!”

“That’s very reassuring Jackson” Kuro said

The Black Spirit left Lilly Island. Not thinking of what or who followed them

Three days later, they still didn’t come anywhere close to where they were heading. The crew didn’t care because they never knew where they were heading anyway, they only listened to Pedro’s directions. Only this time Pedro would join them in taking directions. The crew sang as they worked.
“Lo Di Hi - Hi Di Lo . We’re gonna find us some treasure and take it all home”

“Where are we Jackson!? You should have let me read the bloody map!” said Pedro.

“I know where we are mate! Just trust me- you probably wouldn’t even be here without me!”

“I’m sure and certainly wouldn’t be lost” said Pedro.

“And how do you know we’re lost? Can you read this map!” he said throwing the map in Pedro’s face. Pedro read it trying to decipher it.

“Didn’t think so mate” Jackson said, again irritating Pedro. “Well at the rate we’re going we’re never gonna get there any faster. Queen Hopra is following us. Their ship is much faster than ours!”

“Don’t worry I sent them to an island directly east from the island with the treasure. We be headin’ straight for it down south!” Jackson said reassuring Pedro.

Kuro came up deck with a curious untrusting look on his face. He noted Jackson’s pegged leg, eye patch and hooked hand. Kuro asks “How did you get you pegged leg?”
Jackson replies “ There was a storm and I was swept overboard into a pool of sharks. Before they pulled me in one of’em bit me leg off.”
Kuro asks “ Well then how did you get your hook?”
“I was caught stealing from a merchant. Them officers arrested me and chopped off me hand!”
“And how did you lose your eye?”
“ A seagull dropping fell into my eye!”
“You lost your eye to a seagull dropping!” said Pedro amazed.
“Ayy, yes it was my first day with a hook for a hand...”

Two days later, Jackson said they were near the island of Leibniz. “We should be gettin there in a few hours.” Jackson told Pedro. Pedro was relieved to find that he could actually trust Jackson. However, Kuro still didn’t trust him.
About an hour later, the island is in sight. Pedro’s ship must’ve only been going 1.38 m/s, while the Queen's ship was going faster at 2.22 m/s. It was a race to the treasure that both the Queen and Pedro desired.

To be continued...

When The Black Spirit is 10 kilometers directly north of Island. Queen Hopra’s ship is 15 kilometers away from the island. At this point the ships are within cannon range of each other. What is the distance and rate of change of the distance between the ships at that point?


ashlynn said...

It isn't exactly the greatest story. I'm not really good at this. There's a lot of dialogue. I thought it was funny in some parts.

Lani said...

Hi Ashlynn,

I've been saving your chapter to read-- and this morning was the perfect time!

I really like your very first sentence: the plundered, the thundered, and the floundered really did help create the picture you envisioned. In addition, the dialect of the dialogue was instrumental in your development of the setting.

Now you've taken Pedro in quite a direction-- for whenever I think of a panda I get one of those "aaaw" moments because they are so cute. I think your building a character who is outwardly hardened is a great contrast and way to continue.

The calculus reference to "Chainrule Island" and "Leibniz" (I had to look that up!) add so much to your chapter!! Did I miss others?

I can't wait to see how the next chapter develops, knowing all that I now do about Jackson! That everyone of his disabilities did not arise from his toughness is such a good strategy and gives the next author some fun to continue.

You conclude with a seamless slide into your calculus problem!

What a great job!!!!!


lindsay said...

Good job on your chapter, Ashlynn! I love the pirate thing...well pedro IS the pi-rate panda. Jackson Hawk, can he be trusted? o__O;; I agree with Kuro, he seems like a bad egg! I love the seagull dropping part. haha. Love it, love it, I'm going to do the problem now. XD;;

-lo di hi, hi di lo,

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